Visit the coldest town in the world – Oymyakon, Russia

Where do you think is the coldest town on the earth? Well, It’s a town in Russia called Oymyakon.

Oymyakon is the coldest inhabited town on Earth.

Located in the Republic of Sakha in northeast Russia, the town had a population of around 2500 but the number has dwindled to fewer than 900 in 2018. The population of the village has declined significantly over the past few decades.

 During winter months, temperatures average around 34.4 degrees Celsius.

Oymyakon took the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in 2013, -94.7c.

Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, it is also protected from strong winds and located at an elevation of 750 m above sea level.

Yakunsk is the nearest town to the village of Oyamakon. The journey to the coldest village takes two days from Yakutsk.

Photo Credits: Egidijus Babelis

The lifestyle of the village

The lifestyle of Oyamayakon village is quite different.  Because of the extreme cold conditions, it is very difficult to grow plants in this village. As a result, they eat meat and milk products. It is said that it is due to the consumption of milk and meat,  they have the strength to survive in such a cold environment.

They face many problems in daily life.

New technological devices such as cell phones are not working in the area due to the freezing weather and it is very difficult to use batteries.

There is only one shop available to cater to the needs of everyone in the village.

During the month of December, the daytime in Oyamayakon village is limited to 3 hours. But it is said that in June it is about 21 hours.

Photo Credits: Amos Chapple
Photo Credits: Amos Chapple
Photo Credits: Amos Chapple
Oymyakon Coldest Town
Photo Credits: Amos Chapple

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