Viganella: Italian Village has Artificial Sun

Viganella is a small village located about 130km north to Milan in Italy. There are nearly 200 residents live in this village. Everything else is going well as normal as other villages in this village except for one fact. This village is located in a deep valley which is in the wrong side of the mountain. Therefore they don’t get sun light nearly for three long months in the winter season. The shadows of the surrounding mountains blocks the sun light from hitting the ground.

The villagers accepted the fact as their fate for centuries and didn’t do anything for overcome this. But in 2005, an engineer and an architect came up with a wonderful idea of getting the sun light to the village by using the reflection of a giant mirror. With the support of the mayor of Viganella, they were able to raise 100,000 euros and bought a giant mirror (40 square meters, 1.1 tons). Even though this mirror wasn’t big enough to supple sun light to the whole village, it was able to light up 300 square yards for about six hours a day.

The villagers chose the main square of the village where they have the church to be lighten up. Therefore the mirror was installed in the mountain with an altitude of 1100m. The villagers stared to show many positive outcomes as a result of this. Not only that, but also the mirror gets attention of millions of other people around the world.

Viganella Italy
Viganella Mirror

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