Top 10 Worst Jobs In The World

You might be thrilled to see some jobs getting highly paid for its service. But have you ever wonder about the amount of danger those jobs are exposed to? Even if some jobs are highly paid around the globe, those jobs can be highly affected to your health. There are some jobs that make you open for danger by going to the job daily. So let’s take a look at 10 top worst jobs to do in the world.

10. Radiologists

Radiologists do a great job in order to identify the inside body damages using X-Rays. X-Rays are highly cancer–caused when somebody is exposed to a considerable amount. So guess how much of radiation a radiologist is exposed to within his lifetime of the job? And also radiologists are exposed to most of the infections and diseases as they deal with the patients every day.

9. Elevator Installers and Repairers

This is a highly risked job as they have to work with electricity most of the times. So they are very often damage themselves with electric shorts, cuts, burns. And as they have to deal with the elevators they risk their lives in the installation and in the maintenance. Most of the accidents happen due to the negligence of the safety tips and lack of safety equipment.

8. Critical care nurses

It is very sad to hear that most of the nurses that work in ICU and CCU units get affected by the same infections of their patients. ICU and CCU units are contaminated with infections and radiations and nurses who work in those units get exposed these infections and radiations regularly which will make them suffer with various health issues.

7. Derrick Operators(Oil and Gas)

Derrick operators work with Derrick machines to rig and regulate pumps to maintain a continuous circulation of mud through a hole in it. Due their heavy work load they are getting exposed to burns, cuts bites and stings. As they work with Oil and Gas it is more likely to get affected.

6. Water and Wastewater Treatment

This is the job where the water or waste water is treated with a machine or a series of machines. Therefore the people who are doing the jobs regarding wastewater treatment are likely to get contaminated with water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dengue and so on. And also while they work with machines they might be ended up with burns, cuts and stings.

5. Podiatrists

This profession deals with foot examining in order to identify the diseases of the patient. And in the process of foot examination podiatrists are getting infected with the dust of the nails. And due to this dust, podiatrists get infected with germs which eventually affect the respiratory system and then result with athsma, cough and itching.

4. Veterinarians

Vets treat a variety of diseases of the animals, those animals might be well raised or else they can be stray animals. And with the exposure to these animals and their diseases it is a very often case to get infected with most of the infections. Though being a vet is well reputed, chances of getting infected with various diseases are really high.

3. Mining

You hear lots of accidents that take place due to mining in the news feeds. The reason is mining is a very unsafe job. They expose to hazardous gases, dust and fumes and the same time as they work in caves their lives are always at a risk due to explosions, cave-ins and equipment accidents. They might lose their lives or else they’ll be suffered with life time health hazards due to the riskiness of this job.

2. Flight Attendance

Though you might think being a flight attendant is a luxurious job and you too might have had the ambition to be a flight attendant in your younger days especially if you are a girl. But it is not. That is because of the high exposure to the people in a limited space , flight attendance get affected by various infections and also they spend a very tight scheduled life with no proper time table. That eventually affect their health.

flight attendant
Photo: Suhyeon Choi

1. Dentists

Being a dentist might be a fortune. But of course it is a worst job. Mouth is like the heaven for germs and getting exposed to such cave with huge number of germs every day with different infected patients might lead you to finally be ended up with various health issues. And also the chemicals and radiations that are used to treat patients might be another cause for the health issues.

Above 10 jobs are listed as the worst jobs that might affect the health of the employer as they are being exposed to a high risk. But by being preventative and taking precautions might help you to prevail yourself from these riskiness and continue a healthy life.

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