Reasons to visit Russia

Don’t forget to include Russia as your dream travel destination for the coming trip. We will give you enough reasons to visit Russia, the largest country of the whole world. It is a wonderful destination to travel where you will be experiencing most of the uncommon moments in your travel.

Talking about the geography of the country, Russia constitutes one-seventh of the world’s landmass and extents eight time zones. It is the neighboring country to most of the countries of the world and the borders of Russia touches 12 seas. And it houses to the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal and oldest mountains of the world. The largest city of the Europe by population is non-other than the Moscow the center of attraction of Russia.

Russian architecture holds a prominent place as it is very colorful and it is having a historic touch. The Russian Orthodox Church held the incredible amount of historic value with the tsarist era. You can see most of the world renowned cathedrals in Russia including St. Petersburg, St. Basil. Once the St. Petersburg city was the capital of the Russia and city itself holds most of the cultural values.  In this St. Petersburg only holds 2000 libraries, 221 museums, 80 theatres, 100 concert halls, 45 art galleries, 62 movie theatres, 80 night clubs and many of the concerts and festivals.

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And Russian history takes you back to more than 1150 years established the sovereignty under Viking military leadership. Russia was in more than 100 battles and conflicts and was ruled by more than 120 leaders including grand princes, tsars and monarchs. And it holds the name as the first country to send a man to the space and the country to have the longest railroad of the world.

Talking about the Art s, Russia’s world famous Pushkin Art Gallery in Moscow, Mariinsky Theatre , Bolshoi Theatre are best art galleries to witness the world class art work. If you step in to Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg you will be occupied for days to wander through galleries.

Russia has one of the best and unique literatures in the world including world reputed writers such as Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Chekhov, Nabokov, Bulgakov. You can go to visit there dwelled places and witness their masterpieces of literature. Russia is using the official language Russian with Cyrillic alphabet other than Latin.

Russian population is 145.5 million people from which 80% lives in western Russia. 1 out of 4 Russians are said to be retired worth the average age of 30 years old and growing every year.Normally families are small with only 3 members in it. And the nature of the Russian people is likely to be welcoming, warm and funny one you are comfortable. In the side note, Russian women are so gorgeous.

Russian nature is so spectacular with almost uncountable sceneries for you to discover. And specially it has UNESCO protected areas such as Caucasus Mountains and Lake Baikal for you to explore with some adventure. You can find most of the lovely parks and sceneries in the Pushkin district. With lots of wildlife, gardens, fountains and statues you’ll be mesmerized with the country.

Talking about food you should not miss traditional Russian food as they tastes so well with the uniqueness. If some names of the foods to be said , pancakes ‘blini’, lemon pie ‘lymonnk’, meat jelly ‘kholodet/studen’. And if you want vodka though vodka is originated at Poland this is the country to drink. The best vodka is served in Russia, specifically in St. Petersburg making the perfect pair with pickle juice. There is a vodka museum as well in Moscow.

If you want to explore the depths of Russia you can take Moscow Metro, travelling in the train would worth it. It takes only 3 and half hours to 10 hours to get between St. Petersburg and Moscow. You can grab a Smena- betankur bed bunk and either sleeps on your night train.

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Most of the parts of the country are having the continental climate with distinct periods of warm and cold weather. Moscow’s and St. Petersburg’s temperatures vary from highs of 32 Celsius degrees to lows of -25 Celsius.  Talking further about the weather of Russia, the winter in the Russia is worth the experience as it will look like you are a part of a fairy tale. But keep some warm winter clothes with you.

Due to the good weather you will be able to shot most of the beautiful pictures in the stay at Russia. Griboedov Canal, the church of the savior on Blood are good spots to fill your camera roll.

You can witness awesome Russian ballets, majestic theatres with various genres of plays, or classical music of Russia. And the night life will create spectacular exciting hours in your life with world famous night clubs or free or cheap live music in many bars mostly on weekends.

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Why would you still think Russia is not the place to plan your next trip. Of course it is the ideal travel destination. Welcome to Russia, the giant of the world!

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