Nagoro: The Village of Dolls in Japan

Here is about a strange village named Nagoro on the south-western Island of Shikoku, in Japan. The interesting fact about the village is that it outnumbered the villagers by dolls. Throughout the last few decades the population of Nagoro has decreased due to the reason of young people leaving the village for better opportunities. Now the village is only occupied by 35 residents who are also very old pensioners.

The founder of initiating dolls around the village is a longtime resident Ayano Tsukimi. She returned to her home village in the early 2000s, after lived in the city side for a while. She then discovered her village is dying due to the departure for her villagers for a better future.

A bus stop in Nagoro. Photo Credits: Elaine Kurtenbach/AP

Tsukimi created a scarecrow to protect her vegetable field and it turned into look alike her father. This incident made her think that to establish dolls everywhere around the village to shrink away the boredom of this deserted village.

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She created dolls for each and every resident who left the village or died and placed them around the village. Some of the dolls are placed at the bus stop wearing winter cloths, some are outside of a book shop or looking at the field or fishing. Tsukimi has created more than 350 dolls over the years with a wooden base and wrapped with straws, old cloths and newspapers. Then she dressed them as humans.

Nagoro Dolls Village Japan
Photo Credits: Elaine Kurtenbach/AP

Tsukimi has to maintain and dressed those dolls time to time, hence they established outside and the colors of the dresses starts to fade away due to the sun and rain. After a while her work attracts the tourist to Nagoro therefore she maintain her dolls carefully and nicely.

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