Interesting Facts about Japan: Probably You Didn’t Know About Japan

Would you like to know some Interesting facts about Japan?

Japan, also known as“The land of the rising sun” being the 3rd top country for having the largest economy has 127 million people living in the country.

Considering the geographical facts, Japan’s more than 70% is mountainous territory with more than 200 volcanoes and Japan’s highest mountain is also an active volcano well known as Mt. Fuji.

Japan consist of 6 800 islands including the 4 main islands of Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido. These main 4 islands cover 98% of land area in Japan.

About Japan’s population, 98% of them are ethnic Japanese with almost no immigrants and Japan has 100% literacy achieved. There were 18 Nobel prize winners so far from Japan. And Japan has a0.05 per 100, 000 people rate of a homicide rate being the second lowest. 23% of the population is aged people over 65 years.

Most of the Japanese companies consider about the health issues of their workers and in order to improve their  fitness, they have morning exercise sessions in the working places.

Tokyo is the most urban city in the japan and it is also the second most expensive city in the world.

Photo: Sofia Terzoni

Japan chases whales behind the term of “research” and kills whales for meat.

If you see a raised floor in a house of Japan, that will be the boundary where you need to remove your shoes.

Sushi is famous in Japan and it is a street food. And most of the restaurants give moist towels and green tea before the meal.

The most expensive tuna can be found in Japan for $ 735,000 USD.

In Japan it is considered as inappropriate to blow your nose in public

In the winter, most of the countries play with snow and make snowmen with snow using 3 snow balls but Japanese people use only 2balls of snow to make a snowman.

Japan was the first ever country to had nuclear weapons and got attacked by atomic weapons.

Talking about Japanese literature, Haiku is well known as the shortest form of the poetry in the world which consist only 3 lines.

Ancient times, Samurais were the warriors of Japan and the art of Ninja was something that was given to world by Japan.

Japan’s national game is Sumo.

Japan is affected by more than minor 1 500 earthquakes each year.

World’s largest Amazon rainforest timber consumer is Japan.

“Geisha” is popular in Japan and the meaning of the word “Geisha” is “Performing Artist” and surprisingly first geishas were men.

Instead of the ATM machines at post office or 7-11, most of the ATM machines don’t accept foreign ATM cards in Japan.

Japan is the largest automobile producer in the world.

From world’s animation industry 60% of films and TV shows are animated in Japan. And maybe that’s why there are about 130 voice acting schools for anime voices.

Women might cut their hair after breaking up with a boyfriend.

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