Eshima Ohashi Bridge: This Bridge In Japan Looks Like A Rollercoaster

Do you think driving fast in a straight or curved flat road makes you the best driver? If you are in such a perception that would be really wrong my friends. But you can award yourself as the best driver if you successfully cross the bridge named Eshima Ohashi which is built in Japan on the Nakaumi Lake to connect the cities named Matsue and Sakaiminato. This particular bridge has been built in such a height that if you cross that bridge it would be dream come true with all the challenges as the traffic, height and the swaying.

The reason I’m saying that it is a challenge is because with one small mis-hand of the vehicle there can be line of accidents that can occur in relation to the situation. When the bridge is been viewed from a further distance the height of the bridge cannot be seen properly because it gives a view of a normal bridge with scenic beauty surrounding the area the bridge is been built. But when you start driving on the bridge you will wonder why that the bridge is been built in such height. Answering to that regard since this bridge is been build over a river it is made in such way where the ships would be able to sail without facing any difficulty.

So remember next time if you get the chance of driving on this bridge remember to award yourself the best driver because indeed you will be one of the talented drivers who got the ability to successfully cross the Eshima Ohashi bridge which seemed to me as a mini rollercoaster.

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