Why Crystal Clear Water in Maldives

When you compare the colors of the water in seas, you’ll always find Maldives as a country which has crystal clear water. But have you ever wonder the reason for that?

Maldives – Photo Credits: instagram.com/hawkhassaan

If you dig in scientifically, one reason is said to be the rotation of the earth. As the earth is rotating from western to eastern the sea water is moving in that direction and Maldives is located in a place where the dark water is dragged out of sea.

And another reason is said to be the substitutes that are included in the water. As sun rays reflect from the substances that are in the water, color of the water has a direct effect from this. Maldives water has coral reefs and “phytoplankton” which absorbs blue and green from the light and which causes the clean water due to reflection.

Apart from Maldives Sea being the lowest seas, the temperature of the Maldives causes the water to be crystal clear. As the water is hot it increases the visibility due to the low density in the hot water.

Due to these reasons the water of the Maldives looks so clear and that attracts most of the tourists. Who wouldn’t love to see the view of the sea bed clearly even from the surface?

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