Coober Pedy: Australia’s Underground City

Welcome to Coober Pedy, the town that lives underground.

Coober Pedy is a small town in the southern Australia, 846 km north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway.

Established in 1915, The town has underground hotels, restaurants, bars, churches and even the world’s only golf course without a blade of grass.

The reason behind why people wanted to live underground is, in this area, life above ground is too hot. During the summer temperature reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes higher. So they establish their residencies underground and live because the underground homes naturally maintain a comfortable temperature.

Today, nearly 1,500 homes exist in Coober Pedy. Some homes actually have even indoor swimming pools. The entrances to all the buildings are at ground level.

Around 3,500 people live there, 60% of them are European, having migrated to the area after World War II.  In all, there are more than 45 nationalities.

They have like everything they need in this town, Bars, Book shops, Jewelry shops, Churches, Motels.

The annual rainfall in Coober Pedy is very low, at around 130 millimetres per annum.

Water supply to the town has to be pumped from an underground source 24 kilometres north of the town.

Sounds cool? Yeah, It’s a must visit place. Actually this place is really worth visiting once in life time.

Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy Hotel – Photo Credits: Steve Collis/Flickr
Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy Hotel – Photo Credits: Steve Collis/Flickr

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