Best places for family tour in Australia

Amazing and unforgettable memories will be created by family tour in Australia. As a continent more and variety places to visit and enjoy your life with your beloved ones. Picturesque places, sand, surf playing and live with animal, plants and beatific nature will change physical and mental health and renew lives. Even one time of your life time you should visit at least several places of these places. Such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Kangaroo Island, Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania, Gold cost, Perth, Harvey bay, Canberra etc. Before travel better to know about some top destinations in Australia.


Melbourne bear more popular among travelers for relaxation and family tours not only natives but also foreigners. It‘s impliedly said that how many enjoyable and fortune places are there. Luna Park, Melbourne museum, Melbourne zoo, Melbourne aquarium, cook’s cottage are few of them.

Luna Park is full in plenty of wonder and thrill things such as sky rider, twin dragon, bumper bubbles, ghost train, the power surge, and eye ball popping etc.

Cook’s cottage consider as the oldest building in Australia which is named heritage. If you visit here you can live similarly in 18 century with previous era’s costumes, foods and other antique things. Tour guidelines sheet will be received in the entrance and definitely that will be amusement experience for you and your family members.

Australian history, social, cultural situations, animals, plants and environment and all are covered by Melbourne museum. Lives of indigenous like aboriginals, mega fauna animals such as reptiles, dinosaurs can be seen in there. Walking under major skeletons of those animals will give feelings about previous eras.


One of family friendly place in Australia is Brisbane city which is capital of Queensland. When hear Brisbane remind Southbank which one place with all together. Such as climbing Story Bridge, walking, playing and chatting with your family members in south bank, surfing, swimming, and tasting manifold foods with shopping and all around the south bank. Therefore shouldn’t miss to enjoy with family in here.

In the same manner Brisbane botanical gardens which are expansive 52 hectares full of varies animals, plants. These gardens are open every day with free entry. Especially better place to get knowledge for your children with jollity.

Queensland art gallery and gallery of modern art also should be visited with your family members because of some free exhibitions and some lessons are held for children.

Lone pine kola sanctuary is Shelton for many number of kolas, kangaroos and multi animals. You can enjoy this park 9am to until 5pm freely.

Kangaroo Island

Due to become a third largest island in Australia, Kangaroo Island is not only mere tourist place but also valuable as great family tourist destination. It’s spread near to 4500 square kilometers and can be used to reach sea and air transport services daily.  There are daily ferries services for vehicles and passengers with 45 minutes journey. Alternatively air transport services also can be used daily with 30 minutes journey among Adelaide airport and Kingscote kl airport.

This Island is habitat of Australian sea lions, kangaroos, kolas, penguins and more varied animals and birds and reptiles and more animals. It can be defined as paradise of animals.

In addition there are underground caves and rocks, delightful beaches, fishing, tasting divine foods, wonderful wildlife and more much fabulous places to visit.

Likewise don’t miss the museum include maritime and folk of Australia. It’s knowledgeable and funny for children and can be studied in history of country.


If there is a harbor in one city definitely that city will become the greatest city of that country. Same as Sydney has become the greatest city of Australia with Sydney harbor and other seductive things which you can spend your valuable time with more amusements within few plans.

As the biggest city in Australia, Sydney has ample and great family friendly places must be visited.

Magnificent opera house can be seen in one side of harbor with around the water. Sailing boats and gliding water with sun and lights will create a picturesque, graceful arts. In opera house you happen to stroll with theater, exhibition hall, cinema and other amazing things.

Sydney Harbor Bridge is given wonderful view to city, which was built in 1932 above the water as a shape of arch. Bridge spread curvedly 134m along and can climbed along this bridge.

Additionally darling harbor famous as a great family friendly place amid of tourists.

Especially more marine creatures collected in sea life Sydney aquarium and Australian national maritime museum. As an underwater journey with near to 15,000 animals will give unique experience in this aquarium for you and your family. Furthermore as environment friendly person you can spend your time with kangaroo, kolas and more animals in wild life Sydney zoo.

In addition to these you can collect more memories with journey to Cockatoo Island, spending time in beaches in Sydney and visit Royal botanical gardens and etc.

Sydney Opera House
Photo Credits: S o f i B e k e r

Great barrier coral reef

Great barrier coral reef is well-known as the world biggest and full of biodiversity place. It’s included near 3000 individual coral reef systems, 600 Islands. And Shelton of hundred thousand varied kind of fish. Great Barrier Reef expansive over 2300 kilometers and definitely it will give good lessons for your children regarding to biology, science, geography, zoology and more. It will induce your children to be an environment lovers with protect environment.

Similarly travelers can watch this coral reefs by using glass bottom boats, aircrafts, helicopters or swimming with snorkel, scuba.

In addition swimming with dolphins and whale watching will collect delightful memories for your journey.

As consider great barrier is one of world natural wonder. Therefore together with your family and travel even one time of your lifetime and enjoy with experiences.

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