World’s saddest polar bear lives in a Chinese shopping mall

Seeing a polar bear inside a shopping mall will be kind of interesting to you. You would take pictures and video his actions because the experience is alien to you. But what about the polar bear? Can you understand how this alien experience would affect him?

The Grandview Aquarium in a shopping mall in Guangzhou of South China was opened in January 2016. And this aquarium raised the eyes of the media in recent days especially due to the petition of more than 330,000 people asking for it to close.

This shopping mall has a zoo inside has 6 belugas, five walrus calves, arctic wolves and two polar bears. And of these polar bears appeared as the world’s saddest polar bear in media with photos and videos showing how tired and exhausted he is in a blue lit room while others take pictures. This polar bear named as Pizza along with other animals are said to be housed under awful facilities.

The Animal Asia recently got in to the matter and guided the aquarium to conduct programs of enrichment along with piles of snow to the polar bears. And the welfare director of Animal Asia stated that the aquarium will be closed in near future due to the cruelty to animals that are kept for pleasure of the commercialized world. And due to all the publicity about the wrong reasons, the aquarium’s most of the parts are closed saying “for redesign purposes”

World’s Saddest Polar Bear

Pizza, the ‘world’s saddest bear.’ Animals Asia/Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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