World’s highest bridge opens in China

The world’s highest bridge officially opened Thursday in southern China.

The Beipanjiang Bridge, which took three years to build links the province of Guizhou and Yunnan and is expected to reduce road travel times from Liupanshui to Xuianwei from five hours to two.

Construction of the bridge began in 2013 and ran to a final cost of approximately 1 billion Yuan ($144 million). Construction was actually completed in September, but the bridge was not opened to traffic until Thursday.

This bridge is 1,854 ft (565 meters) tall and it has a four lane road.

China is also home to the second and third highest bridges – the Sidu River Bridge and the Puli Bridge, respectively.

World's Highest Bridg

Beipanjiang Bridge, The World’s Highest Bridge Has Officially Opened in China (CREDIT: XINHUA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK)


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