World’s first rose museum opens in beijing

You have heard of various museums all over the world to immortalize most of the historical values. But have you ever heard of a museum of Roses? Here the world’s first Rose Museum is located in Beijing, China. The museum is a design by NEXT Architects.

Rose is a flower to symbolize love. Rose cultivation was popular in China since 11th century B.C.  And this museum has a rose park set on 100 hectare with over 2000 various Rose species.

The museum has a unique design which attracts the tourists. The design was selected through a competition held over. And this exceptionality of the building is that it is a very good blend of the traditional Chinese culture along with the modern Chinese identity.

The space runs for 30, 000 square meters covered with distinctive stainless steel façade along with its paper cut pattern of Chinese roses in the surface. This museum has 4 half opened courtyards linked to the main building. When the night falls and the lights are glowing you will mesmerized by the spectacular view that projects shadows of roses all over the outside of the building.

2016 World Rose Convention was held at this museum. If you visit this place you will able to learn about the history of Chinese Roses along with the depictions of the flowers in art.

rose museum in beijing

The world’s first Rose Museum has recently been completed in Beijing, China Photography by Xiao Kaixiong

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