World’s deepest underwater sinkhole discovered in South China Sea

After nearly a year of exploration, scientists have discovered world’s deepest underwater sinkhole in the South China Sea. The finding was announced on Friday by researchers from China

This hole was discovered in a coral reef around the Paracel Islands.

According to the china’s state broadcaster CCTV ‘Dragon Hole’ is around 1,000 feet deep and after about 330 feet, the water is oxygen free and likely unable to support life.

The research team used a Video Ray Pro 4 underwater robot with a sensor that measured depth to explore the sinkhole .

This is not the only sinkhole recently found in China. In February 2016, Chinese and French scientists uncovered a giant 420 meter deep underground sinkhole in the Guangxi region in china.

Until now, the deepest known blue hole was Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas at a depth of more than 660 feet. Water there is very clear with visibility as far as 115 feet down.

A “blue hole” is a large sinkhole or cave system in the ocean that is visible from the surface.

The research team is planning to investigate the blue hole further.


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