Why there is a small hole in Airplane Windows?

No matter how many times you have flown in airplanes, when it comes to flying you would always feel nervous. This might be because of the all the movies you have watched about plane crashes and specially because of the safety issues you worry about. But there are a lot of unknown safety tips and steps that are followed by an airplane even from its structure. Here is one of unknown facts for you to fly with peace.

If you have already flown with in an airplane and if your seat was located next to the window you might have discovered this. That is the tiny hole in the airplane window. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind this? It is of course not a crack as you can see those tiny holes in every window. Lets see why it is.

As the flight takes off and it goes higher the air pressure drops down. But in order for you the passengers to breathe the pressure inside the airplane should be maintained to the normal level. Due to the low pressure outside the air plane and the difference level of pressures inside and outside, a high pressure will be put upon the windows of the air plane.

Airplane window is made from 3 panes; inner pane, middle pain and outer pane respectively. The outer pane will the pane which is opened to the air pressure difference. And the tiny hole in the window known as “bleed hole” is the solution to balance the pressure inside and outside.

Airplane Window Hole
Photo: Chris Waits/Flickr

When it comes to the middle pane and the outer pane, there is a gap between these 2 panes. And this bleed hole allows to balance the pressure between the gap and the inside cabin of the plane. Therefore while the outer pane deals with the pressure, the middle pane act as the safety barrier or the fail-safe. Just imagine due to an action of a passenger the window is getting damaged, here only the inner pane will be damaged and that will still keep you safe due to the other two panes. So the inner pane acts as the safety barrier for the middle and outer panes.

Along with the pressure balancing and saving your breaths inside the cabin, this bleed hole is important in another significant way. Why would you select a seat next to the window? Of course to enjoy the view down, because that will be the most beautiful part of flying. So if the window is not clear enough, you’ll be disappointed. Here this tiny hole provides a solution to that issue as well. It releases the moisture from the air gap which will not let your window to fog up or frost over.

You see, how a small hole that you never thought of having significant of its own saves your life while giving a clear view.

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