What Your Passport Color Really Means

Have you ever wanted to have a different colored passport? Maybe in your favorite color. But can you have a passport with whatever color you like? NO. You might not know, but there are some interesting facts about the color of your passport. Let’s get to know what is not known.

Passport is one of the most important documents you have on your own to prove yourself. Therefore it should look valuable and professional and especially unique. And that is that place where color comes into the consideration.

As you have seen passports are coming in with the variations of red, blue, green and black. Of course, there is no any special rules and regulations for a country to choose a color for the passport. But that doesn’t say countries choose the color randomly. Country chooses the passport color by considering facts such as culture, religions, geography and even politics.


European Union countries except for Croatia are having red colored/ burgundy passports. And the countries like Turkey who are willing to join the European Union are also having burgundy passports. And they say the color was red due to the communist history.


Most of the countries that are included in American Continents such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and the Caribbean use blue passports. The concept is based on the “New World”. As you all know the USA uses navy blue passports to match their flag’s blue color.


Most of the Muslim countries including the Middle East use green color for their passport. The reason is the green color is said to be the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad, hence it is related to their religion as well as nature and life.


Black is used by countries like New Zealand, Botswana, Zambia. And New Zealand, of course, gives a priority to its national color black where the term comes to play “All Blacks”. And Black is known as a color for less dirty and professionalism.

A passport might act as the obstacle for you to enter a country or the pathway to enter a country. That depends on how welcoming your passport for that particular country is. In that case, someone could easily judge your country by simply looking at your passport. As the navy blue passports and most of the blue-colored passports ranks high as a well-recognized passport by providing a big number of countries to enter with a free visa, you can simply understand the difference.  Therefore remember the color of your passport does matter.

Passport Color
Photo Credits: Nicole Geri

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