Tree of 40 Fruit: A tree that grows 40 types of fruit

This world is full of amazing things. Some of them are natural and some are man-made wonders. One such thing is “A tree that grows 40 types of fruits”. An artists named Sam Van Aken in New York, America created this amazing tree using grafting techniques. It is actually a series of trees that grows 40 types of fruits on each trees. Most of these fruits are stone fruits with genus Prunus. All the 40 types of fruits ripe from July to October.

Sam Van Aken was working on a project to create a tree that can bear different colored blossoms. But unfortunately that was closed down due to lack of funds. However this led him to think of a tree that can bear 40 types of fruits. Therefore Sam Van Aken started grafting buds taken from “donor trees” which belong to many different varieties. The “donor trees” include Almond, Apricot, Cherry, Nectarine, Peach, Plum and many more types. This whole project took about five years to show his expected results.

Sam Van Aken was able to create 16 trees of this 40 fruit trees by 2014. As a result, these 40 fruit trees were planted in public as well as in private places of New York, United States. His idea is to grow as many as possible in public places so that people can see this amazing creation with different colors of leaves, buds, and blossoms and in spring different types of fruits. He believe that is a nice piece of art.

A Tree of 40 Fruit – Photo Credits: Krista Kennedy/Flicker

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