This tiny supersonic jet could be the next generation Concorde

On Nov. 15, Denver-based startup Boom Technology, unveiled today a subscale prototype of a supersonic passenger jet that aims to be the next generation Concorde.

The prototype only has room for the pilot, while the commercial-ready version will eventually hold up to 44 passengers. The startup claims this passenger jet will be able to travel from New York to London in just 3.5 hours. about half the time it currently takes.

The prototype “Baby Boom” hopes to have ready for passengers by 2020.

Boom claims its aircraft can travel at a speed of Mach 2.2 (1,451 mph), or 10 percent faster than the Concorde and over twice as fast as the average airliner. What is it like to fly at that speed.

Engineers are now gearing up for the plane’s first test flight in Southern California next year.

Blake Scholl, Boom’s founder and CEO said he’s confident that these flights will be different than the Concorde due to advances in technology and lighter materials. The company plans on fabricating the planes with lightweight carbon fiber composites– which it says makes it a quieter and more fuel efficient jet.

Boom says it plans to initially fly from London to New York, San Francisco to Tokyo and Los Angeles to Sydney.

(Photo: Boom)

(Photo: Boom)

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