Things you should avoid when you go to a restaurant

Currently we are living in a world where most the people call themselves to be well mannered, but no one follows at least the basics. Therefore it is worth to get an idea about some good manners that we should follow while having a meal, especially at a restaurant. As we all know, there are no strict rules and regulations to follow while dining. But as civilized people, it essential to have proper etiquette while dining at a restaurant.

  • Seating yourself

Most restaurant have arrange the tables according to a plan and most probably they have sectioned the tables. Therefore all the waiters get equal chances of serving similar number of customers making it easier to distribute the earnings equally at the end of the day. This is the reason why a hostess will direct you to a table. That may not be your preferable seating but you should follow that.There are some situations where you see open tables that you would like to seat, but the hostess direct you to a different table. This may be due to those tables have prior reservations.


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  • Trying to order as soon as you get your seat

If you go to a restaurant at a peak time, you might have to wait for a while to order. But you shouldn’t get frustrated because of this. You might have gone on a busy time such as a Saturday night or New Year’s Eve which is literary the busiest of all the time. Therefore it is important to have some patience till the waiters come and get the order for you.

  • Getting mad at workers if you get a “wait estimate”

It isn’t a good thing to get mad at workers if you get a wait estimate. If it is busy time and you have ordered extraordinary amount of things, it is normal for you to wait a bit longer. Therefore you shouldn’t complaint the waiters about how long you had to wait for the food.

  • Blocking the pathways

You should not stand aimlessly staring at empty space or keep your chair in a way that it blocks the pathway. This will disturb the pathway of servers making it hard for them to serve food. It also ruins the peacefulness of other diners. It is also important that you don’t let your kids to run wildly in and around the restaurant.

  • Treat the severs as if they are inferior to you

Even though it feels good to be served by someone else that doesn’t mean the servers are inferior to u and u can treat them badly. That is just their job to serve u. You should not whistle, snap at, grab or try to touch your server. Comparing them negatively with another server is also a bad thing to do. Servers are also people just like you and are not to be treated disrespectfully.

  • Splitting the bill into 100 ways

You should not try to split the bill into many ways and try to confuse. This may make you wait longer and also the confusion might lead to make you overcharge. Therefore it is easy for you as well as the workers if you try to split the amount when you go out of the restaurant.

Above mentioned points are the very important things that you should avoid when you go to a restaurant. But it doesn’t limit to that. It is not a good thing to get phone calls talking loudly while dining. This may ruin the peacefulness of the other diners. You should not smoke unless you are in a smoking corner. It is also not a good thing to talk to the server while you are chewing. This will make a bad impression about you. A simple way of showing gratuity is by giving a tip to the server. Therefore you should not refuse to tip.

So these are some of the things that you should avoid while you are at a restaurant to make the moment a nice experience for you as well as for the rest of the people around you (especially the waiters & hostesses).

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