9 things you should ask for on your next flight

Have you ever wondered which are the things you could snag for yourself when you are on a flight? Among those especially asked things are food, alcohol, medicine, etc. Apart from these things you can be given some services for free. You are allowed to ask for these things from the flight attendants.

1. A tour of the Cockpit

Cockpit is the place where a compartment for the pilot. Nowadays tours of the cockpit are stricter but most of the airlines still do it. When the flight is landed and the pilots are not in a rush you could ask for a tour of the cockpit.

2. Basic Medication and Bandages

If you are suffering from any illness you could get some medications from the attendants if you ask so. This sometimes depends on the airline regulations. Most flights are supplied with basic medications like painkillers and antacids as well as band-aids.

3. Hot Chocolate

If you are not a very good fan of coffee or tea, then you could always go for a hot chocolate. Most airlines like Etihad Airways, Emirates and AirAsia will offer you a hot chocolate in economy class as well as business class.

4. Baby Essentials

If you’re travelling with a baby, the more child-friendly airlines also offer free services for passengers travelling with babies. They will warm up your baby’s bottle or food, and some will even provide free diapers.

5. Free Alcohol

The next one is Alcohol. Some of the people are very alcohol addicted so almost every airline provides the alcohol for free since they are charging passengers for everything nowadays. Some of the airlines like Alaska airlines serve free beers. If your journey is long-haul and international then that particular airline will provide you alcohol if you need.


6. Grooming Kits

If your journey is long, the airline serves some items like earplugs, pens, combs and playing cards as well as grooming kits that include shaving items, toothbrushes, socks,etc.

7. Extra Snacks

Generally every passenger is served with some snacks. After all of them are served you could simply ask for extra snacks and the attendants are happy to provide you.

8. The whole can of Soda

Usually flight attendants will provide you a cup of soda only half portion of a can combined with some ice which is simply not sufficient for you to extinguish your thirst. In that case you can order a full can of soda and the attendants are happy to provide you one. If they run out of cans, they’d refill your cup certainly.

9. Sanitizing Wipes

Many people travel on a flight hence a flight contains a lot of germs and dirt. Because of this people can ask for sanitizing wipes and wipe down the surfaces like tray table to avoid getting a cold or fever.

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