11 things to know before traveling to London

If you’re planning to visit London, Here are the things to know before traveling to London.

1) Best time to go?

If you’re thinking about the best time to visit London, Spring is a best time to visit London.

2) London is expensive

You can’t say no to that. If you visit London you’ll understand it within the very first day.

London tourist attraction is endless and London is the most tourist arrival second city in the world. Due to these reasons London included among the most expensive 15 cities in the world.

Photo Credits: Dominika Gregušová

3) Buy travel cards

Public transportation is great. Travel cards allow to use all public transport in London.  If you purchase weeklong travel card for 1, 2 zones you happen to spend £32.40 and can be used all public transport unlimitedly in that zones. It will cut off your more expenses and possible to interest London with multi ways.

4) Driving is left sided

They drive cars on the left side. So remember, when crossing the road in London you need to look right and when walking always walk on the left side of the road.

5) Buy a London Pass

London pass covered more than 55 tourist attraction places. Tower of London, Windsor castle, London bridge experience and Wimbledon tour experience and more amazing places included to that. Therefore you can enjoy more places with low price by using London pass and there are some discounts also.

6) Emergency dial is 999

999 is the official emergency number for the United Kingdom. When you call 999, an operator will ask you which emergency service you need.

Photo: Jamie Davies

7) Power plugs and sockets

In the United Kingdom the power sockets used are of type G. The standard voltage is 230 V.

8) Money

The currency used in London is pounds.

9) Shopping

Most stores in London are open seven days a week.

10) The city’s top museums and galleries are free

11) Most Londoners ignore strangers on the street

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