The world’s cheapest countries to travel

It’s the time to make your travelling dream come true. Most of the people have the passion to travel overseas and explore new cultures, nature and different cuisines. However their dreams stay as dreams forever because the budget exceed the amount that they can afford. But if you consider few simple factors such as currency exchange rates, cheapest mode of transportation and accommodation, you can make your dream come true.

You can always compare and contrast the currency exchange rates of some tourist destinations and pick the best one that allows you to get maximum for a better price. Mode of transportation is also a good way to save some money. If flying is the cheapest or only option you have, you still can save some money by choosing budget air lines or low cost air lines such as Air Asia, Air India, Malaysian Airlines, Jetstar or Tigerair. Accommodation takes another huge part in budget. But if you do some homework, you will be able to find motels instead of hotels with good deals which will save you lot of money.

There are some highly recommended countries that you can travel with a cheap budget. Some of them are India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Africa, Uruguay, Nepal, Laos, Bulgaria, Fiji and Guatemala.


Thailand is well famous for its culture, beach huts and cuisine. If you are a backpacker, this is a very good country to start with a cheap budget.

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India is also a highly recommended country that can travel with a low cost. You will be able to experience one of the best street foods in the world and also be able to see the multicultural diversity within the country.

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Vietnam is also a historically and culturally rich country with beautiful landscape. This is one of the cheapest countries that you can travel.

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Laos is all about being relaxed. It also can be known as the “Heaven of South East Asia” because of its relaxed atmosphere. If you travel Laos you will be able to find many options for a cheap price.


Fiji is located in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean. It is blessed with sun kissed golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water. This is a heaven to many honeymooners. It is also famous as the “home to happiest people in the world”. You can experience this country’s beauty with a cheap price and you won’t be disappointed.

Mamanuca Islands Fiji
Photo Credits: Helen Janneson Bense


Cambodia is also a good country to choose if you are on a tight budget. It is well famous for Angkor watt temple and ancient architecture.  Cambodia is a budget friendly country that is filled with many wonders.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island with told and untold beauty. With the sky high mountain beds, tea estates which are lost in infinity, ancient ruins that spread the historical sovereignty of the country, golden beaches with ocean around and much more Sri Lanka is of course incomparable with any other country. You can experience this country’s beauty with a cheap price and you won’t be disappointed.

Diyaluma Falls
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