The World’s Best Street Food Cities: 6 Top Cities


It’s no secret that Singapore is a food obsessive’s paradise. There is no doubt about the safety of Singapore street food and obviously you can taste the delicious and numerous foods from the food stalls in Singapore. People can explore the taste of Singaporean meal from Maxwell Food Center, one of Singapore’s most popular hawker centers and there you will find a long queue for divine Hainanese Chicken Rice and Congee. Nearby Hong Lim Food Center will make you to taste the heavenly Laksa and Seafood based Noodles Dishes.

Street Food
Photo: James Sutton


Street food is one of the many ways in which Australia has benefited from Asian and Middle Eastern immigration. Almost all of the street stalls and food trucks are very much clean, so the biggest threat is here is that you will eat too much. The places like Hyde Park’s Noodle Markets are worth the trek in October. You will find the best Asian street food at Cabramatta or Marrickville, in Sydney’s suburbs. You can keep track of all the food stalls using “Sydney Food Trucks” app.


Istanbul’s street food offerings stretch far beyond because so many people from Turkey and region migrate here. People can find everything from bagels (simit) to Turkish pizza (lahumacun) in the street stalls. You can easily go to street vendors on almost every block in Istanbul and find scrumptious Turkish food. Under-appreciated overseas, Turkish ice cream is sugar-coated and immensely satisfying.


Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the best city districts for street food. It’s very hard to avoid street food in Bangkok, whereas sidewalk vendors in various parts of the city operate on a fixed rotation. The late night crowd offers almost everything from Phad Thai Noodles to Grilled Satay. Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, and the Soi 38 night market off Sukhumvit road are the street food options one can explore in Bangkok.


The smell of food fills the streets of Moroccan cities and nowhere is the quality or diversity greater than Marrakesh. Marrakesh is all about street food. You will find everything from freshly squeezed fruit juices to snail soup and sheep heads. You may wonder where to go in Marrakesh, Djeema el-Fna is a great outdoor dining hall with flavorsome food.


Street foods are very famous in India. Mumbai is one of the best places to explore Indian food. The crowd of a stall shows you where to go and what to eat. You can find Wallah doling out sapid on every street, but for the best Vada Pav you may need to visit Shivaji on Rajwadkar Street, Colaba. Some of the delicious foods like Vada pav, Pav bhaji, Bhel puri, Pani puri will make you to taste of whole Indian communion.

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