The First Mother-Daughter Pilot Duo in History

In March 2019, something remarkable happened in the aviation field making a name in history. The Delta Boeing 757 from Los Angeles to Atlanta was flown by a mother and daughter.

Captain Wendy Rexon and her first-officer daughter, Kelly Rexon, these two pilots made a name in history as the first mother and daughter to fly a plane together in the world.

Dr. John R. Watret, the chancellor of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, was on the same plane, and he recognized this. That the two pilots were mother and daughter. He then took a photo of the two pilots and posted it on Twitter, which has since spread across the Internet.

Photo Credits: John R. Watret/Twitter

Wendy, her two daughters, and her husband are also pilots. He’s a pilot for American Airlines.

Usually, we see men as pilots. But now this is slowly changing and women are also in the process of getting into this job.

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