Thai Ngoc – This man hasn’t slept in 44 years

While many of us cannot stand a day without any sleep, There’s man in Vietnam who hasn’t slept in 44 years.

His name is Thai Ngoc. Lives with his wife in a village in Vietnam called Trung Ha Village.

Thai Ngoc has six children.

According to reports, This all started in 1973. At that time, Ngoc suffered a severe fever. When he finally recovered, he was unable to close his eyes to sleep. The man was very worried and tried every way to sleep but he could not sleep, just a single minute.

Ngoc has a normal daily diet and rarely gets sick.

According to a local website in Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen Gia Thieu, Director of the Psychiatric Hospital of Quang Nam Province, has said that Ngoc’s sleeplessness is strange but not dangerous. He has further explained that this phenomenon is mainly caused by problems with the nervous system.

At the age of 75, every day Thai Ngoc carries two heavy loads of firewood from a nearby hill to his home.

Thai Ngoc

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