Why Do Sharks Attack People

Humans have tried to find the way to avoid shark attacks for long time.

During this quest, humans have tried many things to avoid shark attacks unsuccessfully.

There are many theories about why shark attack humans.

Why ?

Some scientists think that sharks confuse humans with some other marine animals like seals or sea lions as sharks do not seek humans as prey.

This is based on several cases of white shark attacks on surfers, where it was discovered that looking a surfer from the bottom of the ocean clearly resemble a seal.

However, analyzing the visual capabilities of white sharks contradict this theory as white sharks have a exceptional visual system, making this explanation very unlikely.

Even more, this premise does not explain many other attacks close to the shore and sometime in very shallow waters.

There is another theory which states that the super sensitive senses of sharks, can detect electrical impulses common of muscle moving and such signals make them interested in tasting.

Some other theories introduced the idea that sharks are curious by nature and taking a small bite of a human is simply a way to satisfy their curiosity.

This explanation came from the fact that most of the time sharks attack humans giving a quick bite and then swimming away.

This behavior is very convenient for humans as sometimes people can survive the attack leaving the sea while the shark retreats.

The real truth is that while there are many theories and research about why sharks attack humans, there is not a sound answer yet.


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