Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanical Garden, Avissawella

If you are in Colombo and if you want to have a fresh one day vacation, leaving the busy town for a while where would you go? There are actually no calm and quiet places to visit in Colombo, unless this one place.It is about 45km away from Colombo therefore if you can drive for 2 hours this will be of course your next one day trip.

This is the closest botanical garden to the business city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. This calm and quiet natural surrounding is situated at Ilukovita, Avissawella. You can locate this Seethawaka Botanical garden on Google maps and drive easily with GPS technology.

If you take High level road from Colombo you can reach there by taking the right turn from Puwakpitiya station junction into Puwakpitiya Thummodera road. If you ask from someone who knows the place you will get to know shorter ways to get into it.

Seethawaka Botanical garden is located between the greenish tea estates and rubber estates. This garden was open to public only from last year and due to that even most of the Sri Lankans are not still aware of this awesome place. You don’t need to make it complex and travel to Nuwaraeliya, Haggala or Peradeniya anymore in order to feel the cold temperature and also to see flowers and spectacular views.

Seethawaka Botanical Garden
Photo Credits: Yashindra Seavirathna

This area is really beautiful and feels so cool and you won’t believe that you are still just 2 hours away from home. You will feel the difference as you enter the area and  of course you can make this an enjoyable road trip too.

Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanical Garden
Phoo Credits: Vageesha Wihangi

This is known as the first ever wet zone botanical garden in Sri Lanka. Temple flowers, Dalia, Roses, Jasmines, Orchid flowers can be seen everywhere with combining its variety with the green colored nature. The cause behind this project is to conserve the wet zoned bio diversity and to let the public escape the noisy concrete environment. You can see most of the big and small varieties of trees are being conserved here by newly planting them, especially medicine plants and indigenous plants which are endangered as extinction.This project was going on since 14th of 2008. This area is spreading over 109 acres of land that nourishes the Labugama reservoir.

The boat rides at the lake in the middle is a tourists center of attraction. The big lake gives an awesome view to the photographers. Due its spectacular sceneries it is likely to be filled with crews for wedding photo shoots and other commercial photo and video shoots.

This botanical garden is not only a place to chill, but you can also reasearch and learn about the diversity of wet zone by being here at the Seethawaka Botanical gardens. Facilities here include laboratories for the researches on bio diversity and selling plants.  But still there are no accommodations provided for tourists and it is better if you can take your meals with on your way.

Don’t miss this this serenity, plan your next weekend trip with your buddies to escape in to the greenish of the nature

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