Rosemont Hotel Dubai to build an artificial rainforest inside the hotel

Although situated in a desert country, Dubai is a tourist attraction city. There are more amusement and family friendly things and more amazing creations. Dubai is famous city in whole world with fabulous building architect. Especially although there are few natural places, they have created more natural beatific places for giving natural feelings to tourists.  By 2018 they ready to endow tropical rain forest to Dubai, UAE.

Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai will be given that amazing tropical rain forest experience to their visitors since 2018 on word. Future hotel will spread wide range of square meters with rain forest, artificial beach, vast aquarium, exotic plants, streams, waterfalls, pools and more entertainment.

The rainforest will expand over 7000 square meters. Additionally Rosemont Hotel and residences consists of 448 rooms or suits and 280 apartments. Rosemont Hotel and Residences owned by Curio- A collection by Hilton and ZAS Architects have started construction of this hotel as two towers with 53 stories.

Without wet cloths visitors can feel rainforest experiences with high technological systems. They will create humidity of rain forest using the high tech and hope to build completely natural environment for visitors.

Furthermore Architects will hope to create vast aquarium as canopy of hotel. If you will visit these amazing hotel you can see alike lively dinosaurs also.


(Image credits: Design by ZAS Architects / Image by Plompmozes)

Dubai Rainforest Hotel

(Image credits: Design by ZAS Architects / Image by Plompmozes)


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