Refugio La Hotel – Columbia’s extraordinary hotel room with hanging balcony

What if you were offered with the experience which give you goosebumps while you connect yourself with the nature. Yes Refugio La Hotel in Columbia gives you that adventurous yet relaxing experience with its unique type of Net balconies.

This hotel is more of a hidden santuary in the wild where you will be opened up to a breathtaking view. This hotel is a stellar getaway destination. Hotel offers you mainly three types of rooms. One is called “the cloud” while there is another type as “ecottage” which is eco friendly. And if you want to have the Net balcony experience on the edge of a high mountain you got to select the “Ritakuwa” type of rooms.

Ritakuwa is special for its structure as it is built with an iron structure, glass walls, rustic wood floor and the roof is made out of palm. Even the bathroom is unique as it is open to the Canyon with stone walls gardens which covers the bathroom even without doors or curtains.

It is not a surprise that no TVs are available as who would need those electronics while you have an incredible view where you can relax with no outdoor attachments.

If you like to climb rocks you can simply wander around and feel the Adventure and if you are more into relaxing you can get onto your suspended Net and read a book or drink a coffee while you fully Connect with the nature. I guess Refugio La Hotel and its Ritakuwa rooms will be your next item in your bucket list.

refugio la hotel columbia
Photo Credits: Jacinta
refugio la hotel columbia
Photo Credits: Juliana Tovar

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