Rare Spix’s Macaw seen in Brazil for first time in 15 years

Hope almost all of you have watched the animated movie, Rio which was based on the Blue Spix’s macaw “Blu” ( A rare blue parrot ). But how many of you know that this story was based on a true story?

National geographic channel says the real macaw who inspired this movie is a macaw named “Presely”, who was among the few remaining macaws who are endangered of extinction.

But unfortunately Presely died in age 40 leaving no offspring of his own after going through a lot by being smuggled from lots of people over years. The last ‘known’ blue Spix’s macaw died in 2000 .The problem with these macaws are there are only countable number of macaws are left and they are globally spread, thus breeding not sufficient with these species. Only through a captive breeding program at several conservation organizations under British government have been able to maintain the species.

With all the sad news open your ears for the happy news. On 18th of July, in North east of Bahia, Brazil after 15 years a farmer named Nauto Sergio De Olveira spotted a blue spix’s macaw in the sky. His daughter has videotaped the bird and sent the tape Conversation of birds in Brazil who confirmed the bird as a blue spix’s macaw.

With this great news, the villagers have taken necessary steps to keep an eye on this bird and to eliminate any wild life smugglers entering the village. They were happy to see Brazil native, blue spix’s  macaw which is known by them as “the little blue macaw” which weights around 300g in Bahis’s skies.

This particular macaw will be the last known macaw of this species. The Conservation of Birds in Brazil has declared that they have taken the necessary steps to look after the bird.

Let’s hope this bird to make a family and spread the species just like the happy ending in Rio 2 movie.

Rare Spix's MacawImage source: Getty Images


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