Plane secrets: 8 things on an aircraft you never knew about

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You might have been on a plane, but do you have any idea about what a plane carries on that you never thought of? Of course there are a set of things that are to be used for emergency purposes and for rare usage. It’s interesting to know these set of plane secrets for you to have an idea about how broad a situation can be while you are flying.


If ever a passenger acts violate inside the plane, what choice do the flight crew have? They are provided with handcuffs to control such a situation simply by cuffing them using these stronger and flexible handcuffs.

Crew’s rest compartment

Flight crew along with the pilots of the airplane will take care of your while the flying. But that doesn’t mean that they need to stand up and work during the whole trip. So do they rest? If so where do they rest? That might be the problem as you have not seen a flight attendant resting in the main cabin just as you do once she or he is tired. For that there’s a separate compartment build with either single beds covered with curtains or bunked beds. And this compartment’s location differs from one airplane to another. And pilots might have separate resting area for them.

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There can be various medical issues coming up with a variety of pessengers.But why a medical equipment like a defibrillator? Having a defibrillator in the flight of most of the airline companies started back in 2015 when a 47 year old British woman die from a cardiac arrest. So they have medical equipment too.

Sky Marshals

They might look nerdy and even can be a woman instead of being rude and well-built with side arms as you imagine they are. If your flight went fine, you’ll never know who he is. And he is not kind of  person to get involved with drunkards who act aggressive with the cabin crew. He will come into play only if there is a serious situation like terrorist activity inside the flight. Otherwise he’ll be a just normal flying passenger. And remember every flight doesn’t fly with a sky marshal; sky marshals are getting attached with the flights where there is a high possibility of having a high jacking situation or terrorist attack.

Grab Handles

Once there is an emergency situation and the evacuation of the flight needs to be done, the crew will assist you through the situation to save you. The cabin crew and the pilots will be the least important and the last ones to leave the flight. So once there is an emergency situation and passengers panic and try to escape the plane, the cabin crew can hold on to these handles to stay at the cabin. The pilots can watch these camera’s from their cockpit.

Surveillance Cameras

This Camera’s in the cabin started to pop up after the September flight high jacking. If you have recently been on a flight you might have seen the cameras in the cabin. Except for these visible camera’s there are hidden camera’s too covering the whole cabin fully. And there is a live feed going on from these camera’s 24 hours monitoring the cabin as a blue watch.


Imagine the plane is having an emergency situation where as in a fire. In that case, you might want to rip through panels and sidewalls. For that you need to have an equipment to break the doors and necessary entry points. This came to talk when it is reported that the Germanwings 9525 where the pilot was locked up by the suicidal minded co-pilot. The pilot had tried to break the door from something as the axe was kept inside the cockpit.

Oxygen Cylinder

Addition to the oxygen masks to be worn in an emergency situation, there is a cylinder of oxygen in case a passenger needs breathing support.

Most of these secrets are hidden for your safety purposes. Therefore you don’t need to be much worried over flying. Enjoy Flying!




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