Ella Sri Lanka – Places to Visit in Ella

Looking for Places to Visit in Ella, Sri Lanka?

Among the tourist attractions of Ella, Rawana Ella, Adisham, Demodara Bridge ara some of the key places to Visit in Ella.

If you want to escape the rat race you are running every day and take a refreshing breath in the midst of beautiful view. Ella, Sri Lanka is the ideal place to visit. You want be just relaxing but you will be able to travel to some of the beautiful places around Ella village.

8km away from Bandarawela Town, this countryside is one of the main tourist attractions. If you are traveling from train Ella is the 75th station in the main line in which all the trains stop by. Ella has some of the good tourist hotels to spend few days in the serenity.

Ravana Ella

Ravana Ella is well known not only because of its beauty and also for its history with Hindu religion. According to the Ramayanaya, this ravana ella and the caves behind ravana ella is where Site was kidnapped and hidden by King Ravana. This is one of the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Falls (Photo: Janith Dilshan/Wonder Discovery)

Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow is another eye catching location of the tourists which is situated just about 4km taxi ride away from Haputhale town. There you can witness the sceneries along with the Sir Thomas Villers dreamy house date back to old days which is currently a monastery run by catholic priests. Even here you can stay a night or two with prior booking of at least 3 weeks.

Adisham Bungalow
Adisham Bungalow – Photo Credits: instagram/nevindaree

Demodara nine arch bridge

Demodara nine arch bridge is very popular for the rail hikes because of the outstanding sceneries. The distance is only 2km to 3km and ideal for the beginners who are willing to hike with the relaxing atmosphere. This walk will lead you through few of the tunnels as well where you will be accompanied with bats as well.

And along this journey Nine archs bridge or the ahas nawaye palama is well known for its wonderful architecture. This bridge is all alone built with stones where no steel is involved. And the sky views you get to see through these 9 arcs are really worth watching for a nature admirer. Even you can climb the hills to get a clear view. Even you can find a café with a sign board to eat fresh food on your journey.

Nine arches bridge
Demodara Nine Arches Bridge (Photo: Janith Dilshan/Wonder Discovery)

Make your next journey to the serene country side of Demodara and relax among the beautiful sceneries.

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