The Pan American Highway: The Longest Road In The World

You may have heard of many highways but this highway is of course like “The Highway”. Pan American Highway or PAH in short is a network of roads that connects about 48, 000km in lengths of al over continent in America. This highways is recorded in Guinness as the ‘World’s longest motorable road’. But whole 48000km cannot be driven at a stretch and not possible to cross between South America and Central America  due to the 160km wide gap which is a rainforest break called Darien Gap.

This highway was proposed in 1889 as a railroad at First Pan American Conference and finally after many of conferences happened through years, on 29th of July, 1937 most of the countries signed the convention.

This highway passes through various geographical and cultural areas running through about 14 countries including US, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina. Due to the climate and geographical diversities this highway is folding through, it is hazardous in some occasions to drive in some parts of the highway.

If we consider moving from North to South,the start point is Deadhorse, Alaska with 662km of Dalton highway first. This is of course a challenging drive with zero of any kind of service for about 384km straight and featured as one of the most dangerous roads on BBC’s world. And another dangerous part of the route is in Costa Rica with 3335m height which is known as Summit of Death, the highest elevation on in Central America.

But still with all the dangerous signs and all the hardship people are taking this Pan-American Highway to travel across countries not only on purpose but also for the thrilling experience it gives all the way of journey.

Pan American Highway

The Pan American Highway (Photo: Ride to dine/flickr)

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