NASA has a job opening for someone to protect Earth from aliens

Looking for a job out of this world? Well, NASA has an opening for you.

The US space agency, NASA is hiring a planetary protection officer with a salary of up to $187,000 plus benefits, according to a new job posting.

The role is open to those with “broad engineering experience” and a willingness to travel.

The job which is based at Nasa’s headquarters in Washington DC, would involve protecting the planet and its inhabitants from alien contamination and vice versa.

The full-time role of “planetary protection officer” would require a commitment of three years, but could be extended for an addition two years. During this time, NASA will be planning several missions, including one to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, where it will search for signs of alien life.

The job has been around since 1967 as a result of the Outer Space Treaty and is one of only two positions worldwide. The other position is with the European Space Agency.

NASA will be accepting applications until August 14.

You can find out more about this here.


NASA Logo: (Photo: NASA)

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