World’s most expensive earrings sold for $57 million

World’s most expensive earrings, known as the “Apollo Blue” and the “Artemis Pink,” have been sold at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva for a record-breaking price of $57m on Tuesday evening. Apollo sold for $42 million and Artemis fetched $15 million.

Named after ancient Greek gods, Both Apollo Blue and Artemis Pink diamonds are phenomenally rare, The 14.54 carat Apollo blue diamond accounts for only 1 percent of diamonds in the world and the 16 carat Artemis pink is one of the world’s most “chemically pure” diamonds.

The earrings were sold as separate lots and according to media reports, the both earrings were bought by an anonymous buyer.

The buyer renamed the Apollo blue diamond “The Memory of Autumn Leaves” and the Artemis Pink “The Dream of Autumn Leaves.”

Take a look at the fantastic diamond earrings.



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