Lily airways: China Opens Its First Restaurant Inside An Airplane

China has opened its very first airplane restaurant inside a retired Boeing 737 in Wuhan, China.

Chinese businessman Li Yang (inspired by a hotel in Sweden carved from an old airplane) spent 35 million yuan (about $5.2 million) to buy and convert this airplane to a restaurant. He bought this retired aircraft from Indonesian airline, Batavia Airways. The plane was at Jakarta Airport in Indonesia, they had to take it apart, send it on a ship, and then rebuild it again in China.

Li Yang named this as Lily Airways.

According to Li, the restaurant can accommodate 70 guests at a time.

Each meal goes for about $30-$45 per person.

If you are heading to Wuhan, this airplane restaurant is located on the Optics Valley Pedestrian Street, one of Wuhan’s busiest shopping areas. Each meal goes for about $30-$45 per person.

Guests can experience the feel of flying a plane in the cockpit as the plane’s cockpit has been turned into a flight-simulation experience, which will cost you another $45 to $60.

Servers at the restaurant are required to meet hiring standards of Chinese airlines, including having an educational background in aircraft service or hotel management. and they are dressed as flight attendants to make guests feel as if they’re really flying.

B737 plane can typically carry 128 passengers.

Lily Airways China airplane restaurant

(Photo by Wang HE/Getty Images)

Airplane Restaurant in China

(Photo credits: Wang HE via Getty Images)

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