Lake Riesco – The Lake that disappeared overnight

This strange incident dates to Mid of 2016 where a lake full of water disappeared overnight. Lake Riesco is situated in the Patagonia region close to the southern end of Chile and to be precise in the valley of the river Blanco in the Aysén province, 27 km (16 miles) from the provincial capital city of Puerto Aysen. This lake was spread over 1400 hectare and it was well known among the fishing groups and people who would love to take a calm and serene vacation over the lake.

Lake Riesco Disappearance
Lake Riesco Disappearance

Before the lake vanished, the maximum depth was 130meters and the average depth was 75 meters. Still there is no valid explanation on this apart from the few possible reasons why this could happen.

One explanation was based on the volcanoes, but the existing volcanoes of the area was stable and didn’t cause any unusual activities during the incident.

The second explanation was regarding the Liquiñe-Ofqui geological fault – a major fault line which runs for 1200 km through southern Chile. This fault line is bit of a regularly active area for earthquakes which surprisingly didn’t record any notable activities during the incident. Such incident was recorded in Iceland when a lake disappeared and reappeared after years. And clearly couldn’t find any holes or caves or cracks where the water could have possibly sink in. History holds records of such abnormal events in nature such as in China, a sinkhole had swallowed a pond and 25 tons of fish and in Mexico, where The Atoyac river disappeared overnight!

And the final possibility was more of an impossible explanation where the Marcio VilloutaAlvarado,the Ministerial Regional Secretary of Public Works stated that this might had happened because of the  less of rainfall recorded which was 34% of the usual annual rainfall of the area due to the El-Nino drought which would have caused the lake to dry. This explanation was hard to accept because such incidents don’t cause a large lake to disappear in overnight.

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