Kepler 11145123 is the roundest object ever spotted in universe

All those moons, stars, and planets are not perfect spheres. they become flat due to the centrifugal force.

A team of researchers around Laurent Gizon from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research and the University of Göttingen has identified the roundest object measured in the universe. The object, a distant star located about 5,000 light years away from planet Earth.

The star, which scientists think is the most perfectly round object in the known universe, is called Kepler 11145123 (or KIC 11145123), it spins three times more slowly than our Sun. But more than twice the size of the sun but is significantly more round.

To determine just how rotund Kepler 11145123 was, The study’s lead author, Laurent Gizon, and his team measured it from the Kepler space observatory using a technique called asteroseismology, which studies oscillations in the star. The method allowed astronomers to tell how big (and round) the slow-moving star was with an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

Scientists think the reason behind Kepler 11145123’s perfect shape has to do with the star’s weak magnetic field.

Kepler 11145123 only has a difference of 3 kilometers between its equatorial and polar radii, a number astonishingly small relative to the star’s mean radius of 1.5 kilometers, which means that the star is very round.

Kepler 11145123

Kepler 11145123 and our Sun. (Photo: Laurent Gizon et al/Mark A Garlick)

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