Interesting facts about Melbourne

Melbourne might be your dream city and of course it is a paradise. You might have read almost everything about this awesome city. But this article will lead you through some of the unknown yet interesting facts about Melbourne.

Getting to know these will interest you and at the same time would save you from troubles. Here get to know what is unknown.

History and its current status

Before the name Melbourne, it was known as “Batmania”, after the colonial farmer John Batman from Tasmania who was landed from port Philip Bay in 1835.

Melbourne became to the top richest largest cities in the Victorian Gold rush in 1850s.

The well known Yarra river was a cesspool in 1880s and due its bad smell the city was nicknamed as Smellbourne. But later on could send the waste water 30km away from Melboune.

Melbourne is the second largest city of the Australia which has 5 out of 6 tallest buildings in Australia.

Most lovable city title since 2011 and 2011 according to international business times, one of the best cities in the world to view street arts.

For these 26 years of time Melbourne was the capital city of the Australia.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Photo Credits:

Interesting Laws

It is an offensive act to drive a goat or a dog attached to a vehicle in a public place.

No matter how obsessed you are with the songs, you can’t sing, tune or ballad an obscene song publicly.

You can’t advertise saying that you reward a person without questioning for finding you a lost item.

It is banned in Melbourne to carry out any unauthorized rain making operations.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Photo Credits:

Unique facts about Melbourne

In 1992, the popular brand product Vegemite was produced in Melburne by food technologist, Dr. Cyril Callister.

The popular shoe polish brand name “kiwi” was invented here in 1906 by William Ramsay and Hamilton McKellan and the name kiwi was used as William’s wife was from New Zealand.

Flight’s black box is a very important part to track down a plane crash. And this awesome invention was happened in the labs of Aeronautical Research, Melbourne at 1958 by Dr. David Warren who lost his father due to a plane crash.

World’s long lived iron lunged person was reported from Melbourne; a woman named June Middleton who was affected from polio.

Melbourne is known as “Fox capital”, due to the big number of foxes in the area. It is likely to find 6 to 23 foxes within a square kilo meter.

The city, Melbourne is known as the most impressed sports city with 5 international standards sporting facilities. These include Melbourne Cricket ground, Docklands Stadium, Rod Laver Arena, Hisense Arena and Melbourne Olympic park.

Highest attendance on a cricket match was reported in MCG / Melbourne Cricket Ground at the Ashes Test match with England in 2013 with 91 092 fans.

Melbourne is a working ma paradise since they first won the right of 8 hour day which was applied in other countries as well.

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