How to save money in Dubai

Dubai is expensive. That is of course not a joke. If you visit Dubai or move to Dubai for living you’ll understand it within the very first day. Almost everything in Dubai is expensive. But if you look closer you’ll find most of the ways available to cut down your unnecessary expenses and spend according to your budget while you fully enjoy your stay at Dubai. Dubai is a land of amazement, therefore if you are in Dubai or if you are planning to go to Dubai, you must experience this amazement while you wisely spend your money. Here are some of the tips to make your stay worth it with less cost.

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One vital thing you keep spending on will be food. And food is absolutely expensive if you don’t know the places to visit, what to eat and other tricks regarding food. It is better if you can prepare your food on your own other than dining-out. Though the restaurants might over fantasize the food on advertisements you’ll get really disappointed when you order them. And if you are a tourist in Dubai you may really need to dine out. The advice is to get the Entertainer magazine and find out the restaurants that offer discounts. Then you know where to sneak in for your meal. And attending brunch also will be a good choice as you can find good deals on unlimited food and beverages. As you all might have experienced, Dubai restaurants too have their happy hours where you’ll be having discounts on food. You can simply google and find the places with happy hours. You can step into Old Dubai for a cheap meal with variety of foreign meals as well. It is better to avoid buffets if you are not much hungry.

And Shopping and groceries are where you might end up spending the most in Dubai. First of all I advise you to make a list of items to buy and stick to it. You must stick to it. Most of the sales are fraud sobe aware when buying in sales as you might be no saving any money at all. And it is better to buy clothes and stuff before the season as it will be priced up in the season when you really need it. Online shopping may be a good as well.

If you are finding places to stay your vacation in Dubai, it is more cost saving if you can stay at a friend’s house or some known resident’s place. But if you don’t have any contacts and looking for some place with less cost basic hotels can be found online by sites such as Airnb and And there are hostels in the town also but can’t guarantee their status of comfort.

Explore the Dubai and have fun will be the two purposes of visiting Dubai. Therefore you may of course will have to spend money on that.  The Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai museum, the marina, Souk madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Museum, old Dubai will be the famous and beautiful places to visit. But always read about the place before you explore. Because you can only spend on the key places you really want to explore other than spending at every gate and tour and finally get disappointed.

And final note, know your budget and plan your trip and spend never to regret. And most importantly enjoy!

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