How to Properly Charge your Cell Phone Battery

Are you also an owner of a smart phone which needs to be charged overnight in order to use it for 10 minutes? If so this will be really beneficial for you. Sometimes the reason behind your dead battery might be how wrong you charge it.

Most of us believe in the myth that charging the phone time to time will without it being at 0% will harm the lifespan of the battery. But now it’s time to reveal the truth about the best way to charge your phone’s battery.

Our smart phones have lithium-ion batteries. Not like the older nickel-based batteries, Lithium-ion batteries don’t have to worry about the memory effect of the battery. Memory effect in the sense, when a battery is not charging from 0% (might be charging 20%-80% frequently) it forgets about the remaining percentage of the uncharged. As Lithium-ion batteries are not affected with this effect charge them often and don’t let them be dead in 0%.

Recently, researches were done by battery Company Cade which is known as Battery University to understand about the lithium-ion batteries and how they should be charged properly.

Don’t charge it to 100%

Every lithium-ion battery has a level of stress that can be endured just like human beings. As we charge it to 100% the high voltage can excess the stress of the battery. Therefore it is not needed to be plugged in for 100% charge as constantly recharging the battery to 100% would damage the battery lifespan. It is said that better to let it be at 50% or more other than the full charge. So if it drops below 50% it’s good to plug it for a while.

In one charge try to charge it 40% to 80% and don’t let it drop below 20%.

You can do a full charge as in once a month. It will recalibrate or boost your battery just like when you restart your laptop or mobile phone.

Don’t keep it plugged in 100%

When you leave your phone battery to be in 100% even after it’s fully charged, will make “trickle charges” to keep it at 100% constantly. And due to that a high stress or a tension could occur in the battery which affects the inside combinations. Just like you relax after heavy stressful work, remove it from charging when it’s at 100%.

Plug in whenever you can

Rather than charging it for a long time, let it charge time to time. That will be favorable to your battery. In order to keep it top-up at every time, therefore it is better to charge it when it loses 10% of charge. This will be really beneficial to your battery to perform well for a longer period. Battery University recommends you to plug it multiple times whenever you can.

Don’t use Fast Charging

There are new fast charging features in almost all the android phones. Samsung’s Ultra-fast charging and Motorola Droid turbo are examples where you can get a 8 hour charge within 15 minutes.

How does this happen? There is a power management IC to service your requests of fast charging with a high voltage. And the high voltage would heat your battery which is definitely not good for the battery.

Therefore don’t leave your phone in warm places and closure to the sunlight. Either way it’s not to be kept in too cold temperature also.

One more tip for a good battery is not to use any 3rd party chargers that are not being recommended by your phone as it might get caught on fire.

Don’t keep away your batteries at 0%

If you have excess batteries that are not being used by a device, don’t store them at 0% charge. Charge it half away and store them. Otherwise if a battery is left for a long time in 0% charge it is unlikely to get charged again. Normally an unused battery would drop 5%-10% of its charge in a month.

Now you know how to enjoy your day without worrying over your phone’s battery life.!

Photo Credits: Flickr/TechStage

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