How to Make Money While Traveling

Certainly, you don’t have to be rich to travel the world. Anyone can do it as you can make money while travelling full-time. How?

Best tips on how to make money while traveling the world.

Blogging your way to success

Writing a blog has several advantages and making money out of it is one of them. Whether you sell advertising, become affiliate, sell your own products (podcasts, webinars, ebooks), attract sponsors (hotels, agencies) or attract speaking opportunities, having a website is really worth it. The cost of domain, hosting and nice theme is really low.

Writing for someone else for $$$

Once you have a blog and some writing style, why don’t you try to sell articles to magazines, blogs and newspapers?

Work in hostels

Everybody knows that working in hostels is hard because these places are mostly noisy, dirty and psychologically exhausting. However, in addition to salary you often get free accommodation and food, so it’s worth at least trying.

Freelancing jobs

To work while travelling is probably the easiest thing you can do, but you won’t have that much time for exploring. There are several jobs one can do almost anywhere in the world: headhunter, writer, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing consultant, photographers, artist, translator, virtual assistant, english teacher, dancer, website designer, coach, travel guide or journalist. Look at websites such as fiverr, freelancer, odesk etc. These are platforms that connect freelancers with people and companies who need work done.


Travel photos can be in high demand and you can sell your beautiful captures to travel magazines or websites or companies that purchase and sell stock imagery.

Hong Kong China
Hong Kong, China – Photo Credits:

Teach Any Language

This is one of the best ways to earn money while you travel. English isn’t the only language people want to learn. Speak French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, Sinhala, Arabic, Tamil or anything else? What are you good at? Look for jobs or set up your own classes by advertising at universities or popular hangouts such as cafes.

Selling Goods Online

Found some cool product that you think others would be interested in? Have your own handmade product you want to sell? You could set up a website or a shop on eBay or any other type of online sales outlet and start selling.

Video journalism

Video journalism With the advent of Youtube amateur videos are in great demand. Become a backpack film maker, set up your own vblog or simply sell it to tourism sites.


Yes, saving the environment does pay. In most European cities, you can get cash back for the bottles you collect. Scour the hostel lounge and trash cans for some empty containers which you can take to the local supermarket where you’ll be given enough change to finally buy that banana you’ve been eyeing.

Find a full-time job wherever you are

Sometimes you get tired of travelling the world. Of course, it’s not a reason to come home. Maybe, you just have to think about the possibility of staying in one place for a couple of months and finding a regular job. In such a way you can save money and have a rest from active travels.

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