How long would you survive on every planet in the solar system?

How many times did you hear about starting a civilization in other planets? Let it be sci-fi novels or sci-fi movies. But you imagined it wonderful to live in another planet other than earth. But for a second think about where we live right now, the earth. Where else would you experience the comforting wind breeze, breath-taking sceneries? Sip of a hot cappuccino? Let’s find out how things will turn around if we are to live on those planets as we always wished.

Let’s start with Space itself without reaching to any other planets. Being in space without a space suit will be your end that you will pass out  after about 15 seconds due to no oxygen and your blood and bodily fluids would boil and finally your skin along with your internal organs would swell. Even with a space suite condition would not be so good. So in one sentence you would not survive more than two minutes other than on our own earth.

So then let’s take Sun, no explanations need, it is too damn hot for you to vaporize. So let’s leave the conversation at that place

Moving forward to Mercury, the side which faces the sun is too hot (800) degrees Fahrenheit while the other side is too cold like minus 290 degrees Fahrenheit. So  nothing to say further

And here we comes to Venus,  while you are walking on venus yes you can feel like walking on earth because the gravity is same. But before even you start to realize it you would be vaporized due to high temperature which is 900 degrees Fahrenheit .

solar system
Photo Credits: NASA/JPL

Now you don’t need any explanations because we are talking about Earth, with all the oxygen full atmosphere and then food and water we can live average 80 years here.

Mars, about which most of the sci-fictions are , how the civilizations can happen in Mars and so on. But Mars is very cold and the air is thin.  Therefore with some warm clothes to cover you up you might be able to walk on it. But there are lot of other issues that you have to taka care of.

Jupiter,  of course as all of you might aware, it a gaseous (full of gases) planet where you won’t be able to even think of living because the gases atmosphere would crush the body due to the pressure of then planet’s layers.

And here we comes to Saturn, Uranus and Neptune,  the same scenario of Jupiter repeats here with all the gases in the atmosphere making you crush.

So no more arguments. We are blessed with the best. The Earth

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