How a young Sri Lankan guy made the best out of his birthday by cleaning a beach all by himself

What do we do normally on our birthdays? Throw out a grand party? Invite all friends and have a good time? Yes that’s what we do to celebrate our birthday. But what if i say there is this guy who cleaned the beach all alone collected 12 bags of garbage on his birthday?

Yes it is true. Chathuranga made the best out of his birthday. He talked with Wonder Discovery and shared his thoughts on how he cleaned Beruwala beach. He said that it was raining on his birthday and he was trying to take a good picture of the beach while passing it. And he had seen how people have put rubbish all over the beach and polluted the once a beautiful beach. Then he has given a thought to clean the beach as much as possible all by himself. So he has rushed to the nearest city and has bought 12 garbage bags and started the process.

He said further to Wonder Discovery that he was disappointed with the numerous stuff people had put on the beach including plastic, nylon mesh, rigifoam and so on. And he was able to collect 12 garbage bags full. We should all admire his unselfish thoughts that made a difference to the Beruwala beach.

“Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with golden sandy beaches.” This is what we keep telling to the world but it is sad to think that near in future we would have to tell it like “Sri Lanka WAS a beautiful island with golden sandy beaches”. This guy gives a great example to the whole country and the whole world that it is within ourselves we have to start the change. We don’t need to wait for government or any other organization to take action over pollution if we can keep our surroundings clean and if we are brainy enough to start the change within ourselves Sri Lanka will always remain as a beautiful island with golden sandy beaches.

It is time to make a difference!

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