The Great Barrier Reef is dying

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has long been one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders.

An article published in the journal Nature shows that huge sections of the Great Barrier Reef, stretching across hundreds of miles of its most pristine northern sector, were recently found to be dead, killed last year by overheated seawater.

New research warns that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can be saved only if urgent steps are taken to reduce global warming.

According to scientists. Attempting to stop coral bleaching through any other method will not be sufficient.

The study, published in the journal Nature, said bleaching events should no longer be studied individually, but as threats to the reef’s survival.

“Climate change is the single greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef,” said co-author Prof Morgan Pratchett, from Queensland’s James Cook University.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,300 kilometers over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometers.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef (Photo: Tchami/flickr)

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