First Time Flying – How To Prepare For Your First Flight

On the night before your first flight, it is normal for you to remember all the plane crashing scenes from the movies you have watched so far. And that is how nervous you’ll become because it’s going to be a different and novel experience for you.

But do you know what is more scary is? That is you’ll miss most of the important tips to follow due to this nervousness. Therefore if it’s your first flight, you need to have a good sense on what you need to make it a memorable and wonderful experience without any trouble.

Book the ticket

Your process of flying starts with booking your ticket. You can go for an agent or you can book your ticket online. But better if you can book your ticket earlier to avoid disappointments such as no available seats on that required date. And also you’ll be benefited with low rates on the tickets if you book it earlier in most of the occasions.

Pack your luggage and Prepare

When you are travelling you need to have an idea about the policies of the airline you fly with and the airports you take off and land in. Either it be a domestic flight or international flight, there are always rules that have to adhere with. Because then only you will have and clear understanding on “Dos” and Don’ts.

Specially to avoid the disappointments, know about the number of luggage you can travel with and their weight limit. Then start packing wisely. And remember you don’t need to take all the stuff because you can buy things everywhere, be cautious to take important items such as medicines and some books or magazines to read when you are bored at the airports or on the flight. If you have excess baggage you might have to pay for them, so pay attention on that too. And importantly,don’t pack prohibited items and get into trouble.

And before you leave to the airport double check whether you have all the necessary documents to travel. With your requirement of flying, either it be a domestic or international flight you and also the purpose of your flying you need to have all the necessary documents to prove yourself if you are being questioned.

Airport arrival Travel Women
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You need to be in airport at least 3 hours prior to your flight. That is because you have to go through some process in the airport too. And that will take time. So check in with your airport to see how many hours before, you need to be in your airport.

When it comes to check in with your flight, you can either check in online if your airline allows you to. That will make you less work at the airport. Or else you can check in at the airport and you’ll be getting the boarding pass once you are checked in.

Then airport security will be checking your baggage and you. You might want to go through metal doors while they ask you to remove all the metal stuff and mobiles and other electronic gadgets from you.

Here the baggage that you won’t be carrying all the time will be transferred to the cargo of the flight and to your final destination.  Once all the security checking is done, you are all good to board to the plane.


Once you are checked in you are given the information on what gate that you should take to be boarded. If you didn’t, you can always check your gates with the big screens that are displaying flight information at the airport. Or else you can talk to someone responsible and solve your confusions.

If the airport is big in size, you might have to travel from a shuttle across the airport to get in to your flight. Therefore have an understanding about the locations of the airport. You can always follow the guidelines which will be displayed in English for the easiness of the passengers. There might be slight changes on your travel gates, therefore be aware and be updated.

In The Flight

Now you are done with the hard part and try to relax and fly. Once you step into the flight look for your seat number, keep your hand luggage in the required places and settle down. Then you’ll be given the necessary instructions to follow and the safety tips. Listen to them carefully, being precautious doesn’t hurt you.

When the seatbelt signal is on always, sit down and wear seat belts. Always be responsive to the flight attendants because they’ll be taking care of you in the flying hours. Don’t make any fuss while taking off and landing though you feel it’s uncomfortable.

Take some rest on the flight, watch a movie, read magazine, eat something they offer like wise. Don’t expect too much from the service, they carry light items in a limited number.

Don’t stick to one place for a long, once in while take a small walk without disturbing others. Turbulences will be occurring, once you are in a turbulence you’ll be instructed to stay calm, and then follow the instructions.

Once you are landed

Once you are landed safely, you need to walk through immigration to stamp your passport and then through customs for the checking if you are an international passenger. But if you a domestic passenger, you have to claim your baggage in the baggage area and walk away.

And for international passengers too, after these process is over you can take your baggage from the belt and enter to the soil of the new country.

Here we have discussed the flow of flying and it will be really important if you are nervous over your first flight. No more worries. Here you go.Follow the steps and Happy First Flight!

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