Facts you will never believe about airplanes

Even though most people prefer to fly other than travelling long distances by alternative ways, there are many facts that any of us never thought about airplanes in the very first place. So do you want to know these interesting and unbelievable points?

1. According to its design, airplanes have the capability of flying for a long time with one working engine.

Flight in danger due to the engine failure is one of the causes we hear when an airplane crashing is caught on news. Due to the high frequency of these type of occurrences pilots are well skilled to tackle without putting the passengers in danger.

Plane Engines are quite awesome machines.  As mentioned above a twin engine plane can survive with one functioning engine for long time because of its design. Even taking off and landing can be done with one engine and pilots are trained with one engine flying mechanism to fly the plane until it arrives to the nearest airport in a situation where one engine goes down.

And also engines are very well designed in a way where the fire extinguishers can be activated by the cockpit. And engine is fire proof and it keeps the wing or the body of the plane out from damage.

2. Do not flush the toilets while sitting on the seat.

This is because of the mechanism which is used in airplane toilets. Normally in an airplane toilet a suction pump is used with little water to remove the waste to the holding tanks. And the vacuum pressure is too high and if you were sitting on at the time of flushing you could get stuck due to the suction. Therefore most of the toilets are warned  with the sigh “do not flush while seated on”

3. The toilet doors can be unlocked from outside even when it is locked inside.

This is of course a safety precaution to help the occupants who get stuck inside. So it is true that even if you are locked inside someone can open your toilet door from outside. The mechanism lies behind the panel which says ‘toilet/lavatory’. Just by sliding it left the door will open.


(Photo: Pexels)

4. Oxygen masks contain oxygen enough for 12-15 minutes.

This oxygen is until the pilot brings down the airplane to a suitable altitude where normal breathing is possible. Oxygen is needed in airplanes due to the cabin pressure. It occurs when the plane is flying at a high altitude where the air is thin and oxygen level is low. So in case of these type of a situation oxygen masks will be drop down to the passengers to wear them until the pilot takes the flight to a safe altitude. It is important to use them when they are needed, otherwise hypoxia(lack of oxygen to brain) can cause even death.

5. There is an escape hatch in cockpit as well.

In case of emergency, passengers can leave the plane through several emergency exits. Nevertheless pilots are also having emergency exits in cockpit with escape ropes to leave the plane in an emergency. It may be situated in top, side or both varying from airplane types.

6. Hole in the window to regulate air pressure

small hole in Airplane Windows

An article about breather hole was published and you can read why it is there by going to the link here.

But in nutshell it is there to regulate the pressure inside and keeps free of fog.

7. Blackbox can survive a impact of 3400 Gs and more than 2000 Celsius.

An article about Black box  was published and you can read about it by going to the link here.

Simply it contains all the conversations, technical information on the performance acting as a recorder. That is why it is made to survive in most of the toughest conditions.

8. The Secret airplane bedroom where flight attendants sleep

The secret airplane bedrooms where flight attendants sleep on long-haul flight

During a long-haul flight, travelers will likely eat several meals, watch some questionable movies, and get in a few hours of sleep. Have you ever wondered how flight attendants manage to stay awake all night on those long-haul flights? Flight attendants are humans too, and just like everyone else, they need to sleep on long-haul flights.

But where do they sleep? It depends on of course an airplane, but Usually, cabin crew rest areas are hidden behind the cockpit, above first class.

Hope now you know interesting stuff that you never knew and thought of about an airplane. So have a safe flight !


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