Facebook is launching an app for your TV

Facebook is coming to your TV. Can you believe it?

On Tuesday, Facebook inc announced that the company plans to launch an app for set-top boxes, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV.

The new app will let Facebook users watch all the videos you’d normally watch on Facebook on a bigger screen. That includes Facebook live videos, videos your friends have shared and videos from your “liked” pages. Facebook also said that it will recommend videos based on ones you’ve already watched.

Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, announced this new app at the Code Media conference on Tuesday, as well as in a blog post.

Facebook announced a few other videos updates Tuesday:

  • Autoplay videos in News Feed will now play with the sound on by default, as long as your phone’s sound is on.
  • Videos can keep playing in a little thumbnail at the bottom of your screen while you browse the News Feed.
  • Vertical videos will automatically expand to fill the full screen.
mark zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.(Thomson Reuters)

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