Australia’s Simple and Effective Approach of saving water from plastic pollution

Authorities of the Kwinana City of Australia could come up with an effective filtration system in the Henley Reserve in summer, 2018. The residents of the area along with the government are getting the benefit of this simple system at the moment since last year.

This system is very simple as it only consists of a net placed on the drainage pipe’s outlet avoiding the rubbish to get in to the pipe which would cause the contamination.

These pipes take  drain water from the residential areas to normal natural areas.  Therefore with the heavy rains the trash in these areas surfaces’ will be washed away and will get all into the drainage systems.

Initially the authorities of the Kwinana City installed 2 nets and they could collect more than 800 pounds of garbage surprisingly within few weeks. With that outcome they decided to install these type of nets covering the city drainage pipes to minimize the trash getting into natural environment. This has cost around $ 10 000 each for the government, yet they are happy with the outcome and believe it would be more profitable considering the manual labour payment they do for the individuals to collect the trash manually.

These nets are re-usable. Once a net is filled they are being lifted and put in to collecting trucks to be transported into trash-sorting center where the trash is divided into recyclable and non-recyclable and sent for further processing. Therefore after the process the nets can be re-usable.

When we look at the approach it seems like it is really simple and doubtful about the effectiveness. But the Kwinana authorities and residents are currently experiencing the productive outcome of this simple approach. They are happy with the system and how it supports to conserve the environment.

drainage nets catching trash kwinana city australia
Photo Credits: City of Kwinana
Photo Credits: Storm Water Systems

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