A dead whale found in Philippines with 40 kg of plastic in its stomach

This incident was reported at East of Dravo city where workers of D’Bone collector museum recovered a Cuvier’s Beaked whale. And as the headline states there were 40 kg of plastic inside the stomach which was reported as the biggest Plastic consumption found in a dead whale so far.

According to their own words:  “I was not prepared for the amount of plastic,” the museum’s founder and president, Darrell Blatchley, told broadcaster CNN. “It was so big, the plastic was beginning calcification”.

As per the reports so far it is said that there were 16 rice sacks along with many shopping bags inside the dead whale’s stomach.

A similar incident was reported June, 2018 at Thailand where they found a dead pilot whale with 80 shopping bags inside.

Photo Credits: instagram.com/nathaniel_moulton

So the over consumption of throwaway polythene has become a major environmental hazard in most of the South East Asian countries. According to a report published in 2015 by an environmental campaigner Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment it is said that 60% of the plastic waste ends up in ocean which causes a major threat to the species of sea.

And the warning has already given that the ocean would be three times polluted by polythene within a decade if the necessary steps are not taken to reduce the polythene consumption.

Therefore it’s the responsibility of all of us to make it a better living for everyone.

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